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The Dog Blog is our monthly blog that brings you all things dog.

From tricks and tips to healthcare, writer Anne Whitlock offers up all sorts of info on life with dogs.




Have dog, will travel.

STYLISH AND SENSIBLE PET PRODUCTS FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS.   My children have a name for me when I am packing for the holidays. It’s Lord Voldemort. I don’t know about you, but holiday packing just brings out the very worst in me. I am not the sort of person who gets the suitcase out a […]


All About Arthritis in Dogs.

  Arthritis is much more common in dogs than you would believe: 4 out of 5 older dogs will suffer from it. Whilst it’s very unlikely to be your fault if your dog develops arthritis, you can take some very positive steps now that will help your dog cope with it. Be positive We don’t […]


Alabama Rot and how to protect your pet.

With the worrying rise in cases of Alabama Rot, (CRBV), we thought it was timely to write about keeping dogs clean. Although the exact cause of this worrying disease is not known, it is thought to be contracted in muddy areas, so dog cleanliness after walks is clearly very important. Bathing dogs can be very […]

alison ed

For the love of dogs – Let’s Unite!

Alison Priestley, founder and owner of Ruff and Tumble talks about Puppy Farming and how we can all help to finally put a stop to it. As dog lovers you must have noticed that ‘Lucy’s Law’ and puppy farming have been in the news lately.  It’s time to get serious and make a difference, and I […]


Easy and Healthy Doggy Treat Christmas Baking

It will soon be time to close the doors, light the candles, open your kitchen cupboards and start your Christmas preparation cooking. There is nothing quite so comforting as making mince pies with Radio 4 on in the background and opportunist dogs under your feet. Talking of dogs, have you ever made any treats for […]

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Walk Smart this Autumn

Have you dug out last year’s coat, hat and boots only to discover that they look, well, a bit drab? And are you dreading all the mud and wet that is the nemesis of the autumn dog walker? You’re in luck! We’ve been scouring the shops for all the best kit to help you, and […]


Training Tips & Tricks

Training Tips & Tricks They say it’s never too early or too late to train your dog, so, if you’ve just taken proud ownership of your first eight-week pupster or are tearing your hair out with a cheeky old rogue who you are determined to tame, read on! There is so much training advice that […]


Tried & Tested

The Dogs at HQ give the lowdown on their favourite products.   The ratio of dogs to humans is nearly 3:1 at Ruff and Tumble, and sometimes it’s hard to know who’s in charge – Alison, Ed and Richard, or the dogs! All together, they know an awful lot about dog stuff, so they thought […]


August – The Last Days of Summer

Pawesome things to do Before Summers Out! With less than two weeks to go before the schools go back, we will soon be feeling that summer is over, (has it begun yet we hear you cry?). UK wide, and ranging from the fun to the downright unusual, we have sourced some pawesome days out and […]


July: Happy Holidays with Dogs

  In the second part of our blog about dog friendly holidays, we’ve headed north and unearthed some dog welcoming hotels, cottages, glamping venues and pubs which take looking after dogs and their owners to the next level. As we know from experience, there’s a difference between dog welcoming and dog tolerant, and the devil […]


June: Who needs a vacation?

Who needs a vacation?  This summer is all about taking a staycation with your four-legged-bestie! Get your summer started with a weekend getaway or a family holiday to one of our handpicked dog friendly destinations. We’ve taken all the hard work out of finding the perfect country escape or seaside haven just for you. Whether […]


May: Tick – More than a nasty four letter word

Tick – more than a nasty four letter word Would you know what symptoms to look out for if your dog contracted Lyme Disease, or how to protect your dog against tick bites, and would you know how to safely remove a tick if you came face to face with one? Ticks are a widespread […]


April: Speaking Dog – 5 ways to show your dog you love him

Speaking Dog – 5 ways to show your dog you love him When it comes to showing love, we humans have a range of gestures; holding hands, kissing and hugging – all recognised expressions of love in cultures around the world. But to your four-legged companion what exactly do such human gestures mean? Holding hands […]

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