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Ruff & Tumble Clearance

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At Ruff and Tumble we are always updating and improving our product range.
In this Clearance section you will find last years colours and styles at a fraction of the price.
Why not pick up a bargain?!


Please use the sizing guide below to find the correct size coat for your dog. Please pay special attention to the recommended breeds and weight columns.

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1. Please select style Classic Collection Country Collection (features a faux leather trim) Fitted Bed Cover
2. Please select size XXXS - 7.5-9In XXS - 9-11In XS - 11-12.5In XS - 11-14In. S - 14-17In. Small - 91cm x 91cm M - 17-20In. GSD - 28-32In
Please select colour Burgundy Country - Clearance Green Country - Clearance Navy Country - Clearance Mink Mink Bedcover Navy UJ Trim Navy/Tartan Red Bedcover Red UJ Trim
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Would you like to Personalise Your Coat?

All embroidery will be done in the mink colour except for mink coats (embroidered in blue).


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Product Description

Ruff And Tumble Drying Coats are made from high-quality, double thickness, cotton towelling. Modelled on the design of a horse blanket, the coats are very simple to put on and take off.

No more wet/muddy shake off, no more back breaking drying of soggy dogs and no more old towels!

Prefer to order by telephone?  Call us on 03332 079960


Sizing Advice

Dog Drying Coats:

Sizes are adjustable via a towelling ‘belly flap’, simply adjusted with Velcro straps. To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know your dog’s weight and “Topline”. (The Topline is measured from the base of the neck to the base of the tail). Weight is the more important measurement.

Size Topline Approx Weight Breeds
XXXS 7.5-9In
1-3Kg Small Chihuahuas
XXS 9.11In
3-5Kg Mini Yorkies, Miniature Pinschers
XS 11-14In
5-8Kg Small Terriers, Toy Breeds
S 14-17In
7-11Kg Most Terriers, Small Cocker Spaniels
M 17-20In
11-16Kg Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets
ML 20-23In
16-23Kg Springer Spaniels, Small Collies
L 23-26In
23-29Kg Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers
XL 25-28In
29-40Kg Large Labradors, Setters, Golden Retrievers
DM 13.5-16In
4.5-10Kg Miniature Dachshund
DS 19.5-23In
9-14Kg Standard Dachshund
GSD 28-32In
30-50Kg German Shepherds, Large Retrievers, Large Setters, Large Greyhounds
MD 32-36In
50-90Kg Mountain Dogs, Great Danes

All weights and breeds shown are guidelines only. There are always exceptions to the rule.

Dog Bed Covers:

Sizes shown are the total material lengths. When choosing a size please take into consideration the depth of the dog bed.

A well fitted cover should cover the entire bed and tuck underneath.

For help and sizing advice please call 03332 079960.

Additional Information

Weight N/A

Classic Collection, Country Collection (features a faux leather trim), Dog Drying Coat, Fitted Bed Cover


XXXS – 7.5-9In, XXS – 9-11In, XS – 36cm Old design (shorter neck), XS – 11-12.5In, XS – 11-14In., S – 12.5-15In, S – 14-17In., Small – 91cm x 91cm, M – 15-18In, M – 17-20In., Medium – 137cm x 106cm, M/L – 18-22In, M/L – 20-23In., L – 22-26In, L – 23-26In., Large – 180cm x 106cm, XL -25-28In., XL -26-28In, GSD – 28-32In, MD – 32-34In, DM – 13.5-16In, DS – 19.5-23In

Colour Swatches

Burgundy Country – Clearance, Flint_Burgundy, Green Country – Clearance, Heather Country – Clearance, Navy Country – Clearance, Sandringam Blue, Teal, Black – Clearance, Burgundy, Navy, Green, Red, Flint Bedcover, Fuscia, Mink, Mink Bedcover, Navy UJ Trim, Navy/Tartan, Red Bedcover, Red UJ Trim

7 reviews for Ruff & Tumble Clearance

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought a Ruff and Tumble dog drying coat 3 years ago. It’s brilliant, it works! Within 30 minutes my dog was dry. I was that impresses that I bought 2 more for my other dogs! I highly recommend these brilliant coats. Also, in hot weather you can use them as a cooler by soaking the coat in cold water then apply coat to dog, within 10 minutes my puffing panting dog was cool and calm. Just remember to keep the coat wet, don’t allow it to dry out else it will have an adverse affect.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Josephine (verified owner)

    Really super service from ordering to delivery. The drying coat fits really well. We can’t wait to use it! A brilliant find for your very miniature Dachshund!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gillian bracey

    I bought two coats, one for my retriever, one for lab, v pleased with them, the shorter coat of the lab dries very quickly with the coat on, a little longer with the golden, and they are both happy to wear them . Recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    defrankham (verified owner)

    Diane F. January 2018
    Just got Gus my Labrador a drying coat. It’s FABULOUS. He wasn’t amused when we first put it on after a long wet day in the field. But after a few minutes he warmed up and was dry by the time we got home. He now loves it!!
    Delivery was quick dispiite a busy period.
    Thank you ruffandtumble.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    defrankham (verified owner)

    Diane F. January 2018
    Just got Gus, our spoilt Labrador, his second coat today!!!
    Well a dogs got to have what a dogs got to have!!
    One after morning work and one for the trip home.
    He is snug as a bug. Dry and warm.
    Thank you Ruff and Tumble your service was so quick. Brilliant.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Veronica Smith

    I bought a coat as a Christmas present for my daughter’s Cockerpoo who insisted on going out in the snow more than was actually necessary!However as she was having such fun we did not deter her.We were able to dry her off quickly,and she did not mind wearing her new attire.Visiting the snowman became quite a habbit! Veronica Smith. 5 stars of course!!!!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie smart

    The best dog drying coat i have used. Easy to put on and works a treat. My border collie dries really quick and it stops mud going everywhere. I now have three coats and could not be without them .

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